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Bag Filter Controller

Bag Filter Controller

Our Bag Filter Controller have unique features with reduced cost, thus making it most reliable and trustworthy and unrivaled in sector.


  1.  Bag filters are an inexpensive dust removal device designed and engineered to fulfill the stringent regulations of contamination control.
  2. With the customers coming to be more and more familiar with the value of environmental health, there has actually been a modification in the expectation of sectors to keeping the workplace dirt and contamination free of cost.
  3. The laws on exhausts for ISO and various other credentials additionally have actually sped up the momentum of achieving tidy workplace in factories.


Spec of Bag Filter Controller:

  1. Operating Sequence: The operating sequence of the outcome Tons or solenoids is from initial to last channel.
  2.  Remote Start: The remote NC contact provided for sequence to begin.
  3. Remote Stop: The remote NC contact offered series to stop and all the loads are detached. After returning to remote beginning, the sequence will resume from the 1st network.
  4. Network Skip Facility: Unwanted network could be browsed programs.
  5. Guidebook Pulsing: Generally Timer works in Automobile Method. Manual pulsing mode is likewise provided for cleansing the bags one by one in hands-on method. The result Stations continues to be ON till the pulsing key is released.


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