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Centrifuge Filter Bag

Centrifuge Filter Bag

Our company is actually the famous Manufacturer, Exporter, and also Supplier of several kinds of Centrifuge Filter Bags. Centrifuge is actually the popular multimedia for splitting up of sound through fluid. The centrifuge filter includes a container with centrifuge sack, which is actually put in order to keep the sound in to the container. The Centrifuge Filter Bags are actually made by making using of picked materials, always keeping in perspective the item’s filtering and also porosity things. These Centrifuge Filter Bags are actually supplied in a selection of standards as well as may likewise be actually changed since called for by customers. Dimensional reliability of Centrifuge Filter Bag is actually kept by utilizing procedure and also warmth set up material, since this possesses spectacular supremacy compared to that of fresh or perhaps grey towel. Sewing of Centrifuge Filter Bag is actually carried out on innovative imported units.

Types Of Centrifuge Filter Bags
We manufacture following types of Centrifuge Filter Bags, depending upon the requirement as per machine’s models:

  • Top lifting type
  • Basket type
  • Bottom discharge type
  • With or without cone


  • From 14” to 60”


  • Polypropylene spun
  • Polypropylene multifilament
  • Monofilament
  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Nylon


  • 1 to 100 micron range
  • Submicron rating is also available
  • Thermal / Laser cutting decreases fiber contamination
  • Computerized cutting patterns
  • Lockstitch type sewing
  • Heat sealing of all stitches to further reduce fiber contamination
  • Wide range of fabrics to suit requirement of all
  • Special finishes like antistatic, water repellence, and anti-adhesive are also available


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