Filter bags: Filter bag for liquid

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Filter bags: Filter bag for liquid

Filter bags: Filter bag for liquid

Amrit Filtration Equipments is a famous manufacturer of Filter Bag. Filter Bags and practice and Types of filter bag.

Suspended solids and other fine element by passing them through the filter can be removed from liquid streams.

Gross particle removal filter bags for applications requiring a convenient and affordable option. Particulates are trapped in the bag for quick disposal. Bag filters are available for low flow and are welded or sewn styles. They have the ability to remove several microns

Bag filter housing is stainless steel and polypropylene.


We have devices that are manufactured by other vendors, including filter cartridge replacement cartridge filters are the industry leader in providing.


Suspensions of centrifuge filter bags are used for separation of solid components. A centrifugal drum centrifuge and put it where it is presented with a filter bag.

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