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Filter Fabric

Filter Fabric is appropriate to hold dispose of dust and way of flow. In some previous engineered filter fabric located on the top of the gravel bed is employed to regulate sediment transportation into the graved bed. This type of filter fabric must fulfill a minimum rate 75 gal/min/ft*ft and should not impede the filtration rate of the soil medium. Filter Fabric may be positioned together the wall of the facility to help direct the water flow down and to reduce lateral flows. Filter fabric can be placed across the side walls when installing a facility in a median strip or parking lot landscape to prevent lateral flow under pavement.

Types of Filter Fabric-

1- Vinylon Filter Fabric-
Filter Fabric of this category is of inadequate comfortability and flexibility. It is a poor acid resistant but good wear resistant. It durable 1-2 times than 100 percent cotton. The most effective point of this filter fabric is its strong repellent to alkalinity, which is a good hygroscopic and is easy to blend with rubber. It is a very good object for rubber industry. Its weak point is that it cannot repel high temperature. It lessens when temperature rises above from 100 degree Celsius.

2-Nylon Filter Fabric-
Filter Fabric of this sequence is compound resistant. It is acid -proof, resistive to hydrolysis, anti oxidation, anti-mildew, googwear resistant, adapt to low temperature. It is generally used in chemical, fertilizer, building material, sugar, vacuum filter, belt filter for instance solid liquid centrifugal fiber tools and machines of separation.

3- Polypropylene Filter Fabric-
Polypropylene filter fabric as a raw substance is classified into three classifications such as polypropylene staple fiber, polypropylene fiber and polypropylene mono filament.
Filter fabric of this classification is acids resistant and alkali proof. It is also resistant to hydrolysis, anti oxidation, anti-mildew googwear resistant and adaptable in low temperature. It is proposed for chemical, fertilizer, building materials, sugar, vacuum filters etc.

4-PTFE needle punch felt-
PTFE needle punch felt is employed in cement plants, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, Dyestuff business, engineering field, and pharmacy and foodstuff industry. Its materials are polyester, PTFE membrane. It weigh in gram per square meter is 500. Its density is 1.8.

5-Polyester wire mesh-
It is implemented in pharmaceutical, food stuff, compound and metallurgic companies.

6-non woven cloth-
Its abilities are as follows-
It has no water absorption ability.
It has shrinkage.
It has high tensile.
It is effective.
It is small air resilient, high effectiveness for collection dust particles.

7-Breathable Panels filer fabric-
It is used for producing surgery face masks and plant face mask.

PTFE coating dust filer fabric-
It can purify in normal atmospheric temperature or high temperature gas corroding gas mixed with acid and alkali water, oil widely used in metallurgic, chemical industry, building material, smelting generation ,electricity, pottery, machinery ,mine ,petroleum, grain processing . It is an ideal media to filter and filter material.

Other types of filter fabric are as follows-
A- pp mono filament fabric
B-filter cloth
C-geo textile filter cloth
D-nylon wire cloth
E-polypropylene weaving filter cloth 750 B
F-polyester filter cloth

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