Filter Cloth India

Filtration Fabric

Filtration Fabric is the medium for filtration practice in the plants. Filtration Fabric is a soft, delicate ,and diverse colored cloth which is applied in the plant for filtration. These are classified in the two categories. Woven and non woven.

Non Woven:- Non Woven Filtration fabric is produced as layer or web structure. Fibers of this kind of cloth are bonded with each other by mechanically or chemically. These are flat , porous and as in the shape of sheet. Non woven fabrics are of short life and single-use fabric . Non woven fabric has specific functionality for example absorbent,liquid abhorrent, resilient,stretch, softness ,strength, frame retardant, cleanable,padding,filtering ,bacterial barrier and sterility. These features are often combines to create fabric appropriate for specific jobs, during achieving a good balance between product use-life and its cost. Non woven filtration fabrics can be same as woven fabric in its texture and robustness and can be bulky as the thickest padding. Non woven fabric are offered in a large range of products of several qualities in combination with other materials. Non wove filtration fabric is applied alone or as component of apparel products,home furnishing products,health care goods,engineering products,industrial solutions and consumer products.

Usages of Non Woven Fabrics:-

1- It can be applied as disposable nappies.
2-It can be utilized as sanitary napkins and tampons.
3-It can be utilized as sterile wraps, caps, gowns , masks and drappings
4-It applied in medical field. For example surgical gowns,surgery equipments etc.
5-It can be employed as household and personal wipes.
6-It can be utilized as laundry tools for example fabric dryer-sheet
7-It can be employed as apparel interlining .
8-It can be used as carpets and upholstery fabrics,padding and backing.
9-It can be employed as wall covering in building construction.
10-It can be utilized as agricultural covering and seed strips.
11-It can be utilized as automotive headliner and upholstery filters.
12-It can be employed as envelopes.
13-It can be employed as tags,labels,insulation etc.
14-It ca be applied as house wraps and roofing items.
15-It can be applied in civil engineering fabric as a geotextile.

Woven Fabrics:- Woven filtration fabric is applied as a filtration element in pressure filter apparatus. Filtration fabric of these variations are useful in filtering solid from liquid fed into the filtration equipment. Fabrics of this type is woven in a style and materials that provide desired proficiency to catch solids in the slurry and permit the fluid to flow through. The fabrics used in the woven fabric are selected in accordance to their capacity to resist deterioration from the chemical ,heat or abrasive characteristic of the slurry.

Usages of Woven filtration Fabric:-

1- It is employed to make Centrifugal bags.
2-It is employed to manufacture FBD bags.
3-It is applied to manufacture Nutch filter bags.
4-It is used to produce vacuum filter bags.
5-It is used to manufacture sparkle filter bags.