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Filter mesh for gas and liquid serves well in filtering and deleting the particle mixture in foam , liquid and air , by means of distillation , absorption, evaporation and filtration process in petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, machine , pharmaceuticals, auto mobile and environmental protection . We deal with all kinds of screening and screening mesh .

Polyester woven mesh was introduced into the screen printing market over 40 years ago and quickly replaced traditional silk as the fabric of choice among screen printers worldwide . This material is only suitable for screen printing because of its tensile strength , elastic memory , and resistance to chemicals , abrasion , heat and moisture. Polyester screen is a type of synthetic fabrics like silk built but with better uniformity . Compared to silk screen cloth polyester ( bolting cloth ) offers extreme durability, yet has a lower price .

Features of Screening Mesh

  1. Available polyester , nylon and high density polyethylene
  2. 20 a 500 mesh
  3. Polyester Screen Cloth ( bolting cloth ) offers extreme durability, yet has a lower price

Benefits with Amrit

Amrit Filtration Equipment offers monofilament polyester screen mesh (low – elongation) with a wide range of mesh counts and significant advantages compared with traditional polyester mesh .

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