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Sequential Timer and Digital Sequential Timers

Sequential Timers

We are offering Digital Sequential Timers for Bag Filters to our entire valued customer.


  1.  Bag filters are a budget-friendly dust extraction system developed and crafted to meet the strict legislations of contamination control.
  2.  With the customers becoming increasingly more familiar with the value of ecological hygiene, there has actually been a change in the expectation of sectors towards keeping the workplace dust and contamination cost-free.
  3. The regulations on exhausts for ISO and other accreditations also have actually accelerated the drive of obtaining tidy working environment in manufacturing facilities:


Presentation on sequential timer.ppt slide from FilterClothIndia



Digital Sequential Timers


We have superior range of Digital Sequential Timers in Hrs: Min: Sec Format.


  • Micro Controller based Sequential Timer has the facility to support 4 / 8 /16 channels corresponding 4 / 8 / 16 control outputs for multiple LOAD
  • This Unit has the provision to count the Time sequences in Hours & Minutes & Seconds and has the facility to SET the required value in the same Format
  • Front Panel programmable keypad arrangement for data entry and the necessary control output available at the rear side
  • Single shot mode or cyclic mode and individual Channel Enabling or disabling is possible through programming
  • The Programmed Set Values are stored in EEPROM
  • Communication through RS 485 output also available on Request.



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