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 Mining & Refining Industry

Mining is a tough, dangerous, and competitive business where profitability depends on maximizing productivity.  Cost-effective maintenance of mining systems — especially high-performance hydraulic and lubrication systems — benefits the bottom line while also reducing risk.

Amrit filtration has provided a lot of  hydraulic and lubrication different filtration products solution for years in all aspects of mining, together with underground in addition to surface rigid rock and coal mines.  Nowadays, Amrit Filtration products are applied in various mines in the region of the globe and have provided asking price saving results for numerous of our customers mining hydraulics, lubrication along with fuel systems.  The Amrit filtration products hydraulic filters are typical issue in countless mining systems.

Our various clients need efficient filtration – and they wish for it all from lone supplier. When it’s occasion for filter substitution, Amrit provides the accurate arrangement of superiority and value to lend a hand for you to function professionally.With the protection of Amrit, your engines and tools will function longer among filter replacements, cutback on costly downtime and maintenance. And adding together a Amrit filtration system to your massiveness fuel and lube storage space will go smooth further toward shielding your equipment and make the most of up-time.

Mining industry is a very testing field for Filtration; the coarse use makes it even more complicated for the media manufacturers to intend the filter media which can hold out the Filtration responsibilities in mining industry, Amrit Filtration Equipments manufactures an extensive range of products applied in mining & refining industry Filtration

Our Few products for the Mining & Refining Industry are:

  1. Candle filter tubes
  2. Dust Collector spares
  3. Filter press panels
  4. Rotary drum filter belts


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