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Portable Dust Collector

Portable Dust collector is a portable device, which is employed to collect or reduce pollutant substances from air in the workshop, plants and manufacturing units. Its size is small and easily transportable. Portable dust collector  has an air filtering system that integrated in the unit, adding both mobility  and maneuverability. Portable dust collector solves air pollution problem created by processing, production plants. These plants exhaust air-filled with dust and harmful crystals. Here the main function of Portable dust collectors are to gather big dust and other unsafe particles and release clean air.

Portable dust collector is  mainly beneficial in workplaces  where employees move from place to production house. typical functions of portable dust collectors include the cumulation of welding smoke,plastic dust, chemical substances, pharma dust, soldering fumes,grinding dust and other types of fine particles. Industries that use portable dust collectors are pharmaceutical,metallic, grinding,woodworking,composites,buffing,blasting,welding, chemical mixing and other food processing plants. Potable dust collector is a easy media , electrostatic or cartridge dust collecting device that can be moved around to various workstation for locally dust collection. Portable dust collector is manufactured mobile with a moving trolley connected to the bottom of the base or by handle or strap.
Portable Dust Collector consists of a single filtration system, which is capable to extract contaminated air particles and capture them.  The welded arm is usually externally supported by alterable support mechanisms and includes handles on the hood and the first tube so that the arm can be easily maneuvered. The hood is engineered for collecting the polluted air and direct it into the exhaust dust system by an air divert er that provides a higher face velocity and a more uniform air flow.
The portable dust collector system is executed with an power panel fastened on the top of the collection unit. This electric powered panel is composed of a filter gauge, on/off switch, toggle value and NPT connection.
The on/off switch activates the electrical motor, which is fastened inside of the collection unit.
The power is commonly equipped throughout a power wire, but smaller unit may work with batter.
Portable dust collector offers many advantages in addition to their standard dust collection capabilities. Firstly portable dust collectors are simple to move at any site, allowing added ease in the dust collection process. Furthermore ,they can effortlessly gather those particles which are cause of many illnesses. Portable dust collector also  prevent fires or particles explosions, and prevent damage  by accumulating inflammable and explosive elements . Portable dust collectors are also on the market in different range of sizes and added features, such as the addition of high-efficiency particle filters. Portable dust collector  can be implemented as multiple workplaces for individual processes. It is useful in tool rooms and woodworking shop for process such as welding and wood saw mill. Portable dust collector traps dust substances in the constant stream of air which is pulled down through suction hood and captured .  As the dust collecting industry boosts, smaller and more capable portable dust collecting equipments is being developed to meet industrial necessity and increasingly strict environmental regulations.
The firm is a trustworthy Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of the very best top quality Portable Dust Collector which aids in providing pliable options while cleansing the dirt or fumes, and so on. Our Portable Dust Collectors are tiny, mobile and are baghouse filters which function well with periodic usage in tiny areas such as timber stores or tight manufacturing centers. You could pick from a large range of Cartridge Media, HEPA, Washable Media or Electrostatic Filtration with blowers varying from 200 to 3000 cubic feet each min.


  1.  Ranging from 200 to 3000 cubic feet each min.
  2.  All portable systems make use of at the very least one source squeeze arm.
  3.  Many are modular with add-ons.

Filter Bag

Filter bag are engineered to perform maximum filtration. Now a day’s air pollution is a serious issue in metro and other industrial cities. Where industrial units are busy in manufacturing of consumer goods. They also manufacture pollutant in a huge quantity which is unsafe for environment and health. Government has taken strict action to diminish pollution. It has prepared a master plan to fight with this problem and advised Filter Bag for industry.  Filter bags are made out of various Medias, which are needle felt, mono filament and   mulch-filament. They are powerful in eliminating solid elements from liquids where large and solid particles from liquids, where large quantity of contamination are present. They present an effective solution to a number of filtration problems. Filtration takes place as the liquid flows the inside to the filter bag to the outside. Needle felt filter bag utilizes reliable mechanisms of depth filtration and have a high dirt touching capacity. Mesh filter bag makes use of the well proven mechanism of surface filtration and are helpful in removing big solid elements from the flow of liquid. Now days

Filter bag are offered in rating of 1, 5, 10, 20,100 and 200 microns. As filter media polypropylene, polyester, nylon, HDPE and meta-aramid / Ry-ton are implemented. Now days it is presented in different sizes, these are:

04” by 10”

04” by 17”

07” by 17”

07” by 32 “.

Types of filter bag:-

A- Mono filament Filter bag:-

These bags are used for surface filtration. These bag are manufactured with a mesh structure, available in several materials. These filter bag can be considered to be reusable filter media. There is no risk of fiber or particle migration with this variety of bag.

B-Needle felt Filter bag:-

Filter bag of these variations are product of an economical, disposable filter material. These are great for batch filtration.  The lack of any rigid structure makes them very simple to use, easy to compact and   reduces the cost of waste. Filter bag of these class offer efficient protection upstream of more sophisticated filter units.

C-High Performance Filter bag :-

Filter bag of this categories are designed for the filtration of liquid material. These Filter bag can be employed in mostly all the sectors of the industry, for any application where performance and efficiency is required.

Usage of Filter bag:-

A- Automotive Systems

1. It is utilized in Phosphate filtration

2. It is used in E-coat paint filtration

3. It is utilized in Spray water and additive filtration

4. It employed in paint filtration

B-Water Treatment/Processing

1. It is used in bottled water filtration systems

2. It is implemented in process and cooling water filtration

3. It is utilised in raw water processing

C- Medicine Industry

1. It is employed in activated carbon, hormone, gelatin, plasma protein filtration

2. It utilized in catalytic agent, activated material recycling

3. It is employed in liquid medicine filtration

4. It is implemented in waste water filtration

D- Petro Chemical-

1. It is employed in process and cooling water filtration

2. It is utilized in Oil and fuel filtration

3. It is utilized in Solvent contamination filtration

E- Food and Beverage:-

1. It employed in Edible oil,syrup filtration

2. It used in wine and Liquor filtration

3. It is employed in soft drink filtration

4. It is employed in fruit juice filtration

F-Chemical Industry-

1. It is applied in adhesive filtration

2. It is used in ink filtration

3. It is used in Bulk Chemical filtration

4. It is utilised in Resin filtration

5. It is also applied in fine chemical filtration

Bag FilterHousings

A dust collector filter bags are one of the most important parts. Amrit Filtration Equipments manufacture filter bags like meta-aramid for shaker type dust collector in a number of designs; Shaking the dust filtration equipment essential nectar of the best performance fabrics for your selection, construction techniques and design thinking to give it special. We are one of the leading manufacturers of filter bags.


Bag filters, cartridge filters, and clean-in-place (CIP) filter, a liquid processing filters to think when specifying three basic filter types. With others of the match when each has advantages and disadvantages, and different types are suitable for different applications.

Amrit Filtration equipment bag filter Manufacturers Company in India. There are different phases of bag filter manufacturers declaration and guarantees to make sure that a good venture in higher effectiveness filter media equilibrium the risk endurance with financial requirements. The overall bag life guarantee and warranty, emissions, airflow and / or may include products such as differential stress.

Filter Bags

Find out how one of these high performance filter bags can work in your system, whether your system before exists or is in the design period. Bag filter media are available in a wide variety of lengths and micron ratings and our bag filter housings are compatible with all. With a large amount of inventory on hand, we provide exceptional service and can provide custom bags have a wide variety of solutions. Below, you will filter all our bags available.


Bag filter system for filtering large volumes of high viscosity liquids is perfect. The fluid in the process industry is used for a variety of applications. Our bag filter system to provide filtration solutions for abroad to prepare for optimum filtration performance. The filter housing, filter bags, bags of end connections, to support positive sealing arrangement and selection is made from the inner cage. Its interior supports high differential pressures build up during operation to ensure the bag will not burst.

Filter fabric manufacturing plant in the disconnection process. Filtration plant is used for filtration accessories which a soft delicate, and different colored cloth. These are classified into two classes. Woven and non-woven.

Here are benefits of bag filters as compare to other kind of filters, too – a bag filter arrest the particles it is taking out of a gas torrent, which means that the collection apparatus and disposal unit for those particle are one and the same thing. Bag filter, when full, just safely detached and replace with a new one. That’s what people say wet ceramic filters or straight, over the use of a company’s profit is the primary way in which the use of bag filters.