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Centrifuge Filter Bags

Centrifuge Filter Bags are continual filters making usage of centrifugal interject a comparable means as in a drum centrifuge; however in this instance the wall surface of the centrifuge is the media which permits the filtrate to travel through while leaving the solids on the area. These solids could be cleaned then took out constantly by an unloaded knife and released out from the method. We create, supply and export the very best high quality Centrifuge Filter Bag to suit all typical layouts of centrifuge filters. All textiles are thermal cut from digital designs profiles to guarantee accuracy cut & repeatability. In addition, clients could make use these Centrifuge Filter Bags, from us, at the marketplace leading rates.

We Manufacture Centrifuge Filter Bags For:

  1.  Liner Type Bottom Discharge.
  2.  Tub Type Top Discharge.
  3. Cone Type Top Discharge.
  4. Lifting Type Top Discharge.

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