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Cartridge Filtration

Cartridge Filtration comes with the filtration expertise that remove solid matter along with suspended impurity from a fluid stream by passing it through a range of micro porous filters, ultra filtration units and multimedia cartridge filters. These cartridge filters come in a variety capabilities, sizes and end caps for filtration applications. Let’s have a special look at our specialties of Cartridge filtration-

PP Filter Cartridge

The polypropylene filter Housing is made of ruffed reinforced polypropylene. They are recommended for low down flow rates to higher flow rates in extensive range of applications together with residential, commerce and industrial sectors. These are offered in 8″, 10″, 20″ set models and also, there are 10″, and 20″ different Jumbo models for an upper flow rates.

Optional Pressure – there is relief/bleed button on inlet side of cap. Thick walls are provided for improved strength.

Available with clear SAN – Styrene Acrylonitile / Polycarbonate – PC and opaque (Blue – Black) models All Housing have been tested and passed the hydrostatic leak in addition to burst pressure to ensure consistence safe performance.

Filter cartridges

Spun bonded filter cartridges are prepared of 100% polypropylene fibers. These Cartridge filtration fibers have been guardedly spun collectively to shape an appropriate gradient density from the outer to internal surface. The Filter cartridges are offered with core & even without core version. This greater quality structure remains connected even under unkind operating conditions and there is even no media migration. The Polypropylene fibers are blown ceaseless on central molded core, with no need for binders, resins or else lubricants. Operation Unfiltered fluid passes all the way through depth filter matrix, enables the progressive safeguarding of finer particles, given that high efficiency, high dirt maintenance & filter existence. Fluid flows from outside to inside all the way through filter media. The Particulates are held stalwartly in the filter matrix and dirt free fluid flows out in the direction to the downstream side of cartridges.

Wound Filter Cartridge

The Wound cartridges are planned to get together the most demanding Filtration duties in specific sectors. These products are a complete package of a very cost-effective, strongly compact, easily installed and maintained Filtration system for deep elimination of particulate taking away from liquid. Wound cartridges are manufactured from a range of carefully chosen raw materials. These are utmost processed into fibers of accurate grades using the most recent innovative technology. After carding & spinning into roving they are wound into cartridges with cautiously controlled micron rating. From the very begiining of unprocessed material to the final finished products we are in complete control and management of the quality and demanded filtration characteristics. These products are esteemed and kept in high regard due to their high dirt holding capability and to the strong structure which permit facing different application in both the liquid and gas applications of Filtration. The various Operation of Unfiltered fluid that passes through the depth filter matrix, enabling the progressive maintenance of finer and very finer particles, which provides the high competence, high dirt retention & filter living. Fluid flows from outside to within all the way through the filter media. The Particulates are held definitely in the filter matrix and spotless clean fluid flows out to the downstream in the direction side of cartridge.

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