Reverse air type filter bags

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Reverse Air type Filter Bags

Reverse Air type Filter Bags are one of the most important part of a dust collector. We manufacture filter bags for reverse air type filter bags dust collector in a number of designs, Amrit Filtration Equipment’s give Special consideration on fabric selection, fabrication technique and designs to give the best performance out of your Reverse air Dust Collector.


Reverse Air type Filter Bags

Reverse air type dry filter bag

Features of Reverse Air type Filter Bags

  1. Wide range of fabrics to select from –
    • Polyester
    • Polypropylene
    • Cotton
    • Nylon
    • Woven in Spun, multifilament & Monofilament yarn.
  2. Wide range of Pore size
  3. High particle retention & Air permeability.
  4. Unique fabrication technique gives high surface area
  5. High tensile support rings in MS, SS

Benefits with Amrit

  1. Water Repellence, Oil Repellence finish available on request.
  2. Low Explosion risk with anti static fabrics.
  3. Maximum surface area gives better Filtration & long bag life.
  4. Can be customized for any OEM’s dust collector.
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