Sequential timer

Sequential Timer

Amrit Filtration Equipments offers the clientele with not just various eye catching, but also, reliable and efficient consumer machinery products. One of those products that we manufacture and supply are digital timers, digital sequential timers and the Sequential Timer cards that can be functional in wide collection of applications. With the specialty and the technological expertise we posses in abundance, we are competent to make offered the timers in custom designed specifications along with custom  and sizes to modifications that suit your necessities. It’s better not to forget mentioning that these timers are also incorporated with LED’s. Another, important fact is that, Since Amrit filtration are the exporters, the sequential timers we take in are guarantee of absolute superiority and performances evaluated examination.

We are expected to provide the complete solution in sequential timer that is comprehensively used in various designing industries and very helpful in ever-increasing the good organization performance of the apparatus. We present the Sequential Timer in various applications with a reassurance of the worth and money-value performance of machines.

Uses of Digital Sequential Timers

The digital sequential timers are bringing in use to keep clean the filter bags with the air pressure above a pulse. Such digital timers are also known specifically as pulsejet sequential timers.

A sequential timer, also referred to as a sequencer or else sequence timer, will strengthen and de-energize multiple outputs under a stage of time. The quantity of time before each output is energized and the sum of time the output remains energized is changeable. The outputs of timers may be keyed up one at a point in time in order. For the specific mechanical relay purpose, the relay contacts of the foremost relay will close up. Then, subsequent to a set amount of point in time, the first relay’s contacts will unlock and further the second relay’s contacts will close up just like it happened earlier in first one. Adding to their area of action these timers can also be functional for cleaning in cyclic function.

Some significant facts about Sequential Timers / Sequential Timer Cards

  • The channel or stage of the timer solely depends on number of filter bags.
  • Solid state relays and electromagnetic relays are brought in use to energize solenoid valves.

In order to keep away from the dirt and dust of surroundings, the sequential timer unit provided by us is built-in in enclosure suitable for the purpose of wall mounting.

Our timers just an example of the quality work we promise and it gets executed just when you give a shot. We just not share expertise, we understand the ground reality and thus, address the needs of machinery in order they perform best in their conditions.

Important Notice (Sequential Timer): We do give custom-made sequential timers in case you are seeking one of such solution do drop us a mail or leave your message at contact us page. Do not hesitate to call us now.

To Keep a Record of Sequential Timer, Download the PDF of Sequential timer .

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