Drum filter belts

Filter belt

Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter (RVDF) is one of the most prevalent practices in the industry to dewater all kinds of sludge at low capital cost. Even though these units consume higher power due to deployment of Vacuum Pump, these units are still preferred in given situations in view of their low cost maintenance. These units can be supplied in various sizes upto 1000 sq.ft. Filtration area each unit. Depending upon the type of sludge, the dewatered solid discharge mechanism can be in different configurations e.g. Belt Discharge, Knife Discharge, String Discharge etc. we manufacture filter belts for all these kinds of belt filters.

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Features of Filter Belt

  • Fabrics available –
  1. Polypropylene spun
  2. Polypropylene multifilament
  3. Nylon
  • H.D.P.E.

Benefits with Amrit

  1. Excellent Filtration efficiency
  2. longer service life
  3. Good particle retention
  4. Wide range suiting to every application
  5. Easy fitting
  6. low wear & tear
  7. highly abrasion resistant
  8. Unique fabrication technique helps maintain life of edges

Advantages of Filter Belt

  1. It is an uninterrupted and unmanned process, therefore the operational cost is less.
  2. The variation in the rotating speed of drum is used to control the thickness of cake.
  3. The process is easily modifiable
  4. It produces clean product comparatively just by adding a showering device.

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