Filter Cloth India

Coolant/cutting oil filter belt rolls

Non-wovens are outstanding for coolant Filtration applications because of their unusually high wet strength, light weight, good chemical resistance and low cost.

Amrit Filtration Equipments pioneered the use of non woven fabrics for coolant Filtration, and we have the technical expertise to choose the right fabrics for your application. We specialize in non-wovens for coolant Filtration and offer a complete range of densities in cotton, rayon, and synthetic fibers in an assortment of roll widths and lengths. Our offering includes all types in standard put-ups, special widths, and roll lengths with our in-house slitting and rewinding equipment, we can make fast deliveries of any grade or quantity. We can supply Spunbond Polypropylene, Spunbond Polyester, Rayon, and other non-wovens in rolls, sheets, circles, bags or any other die cut shape / form that you require.


  •  Wide range of fabrics & paper available for coolant & cutting oil Filtration

Features Benefits

  1. Low micron size
  2. High liquid permeability
  3. Precise dimension cutting
  4. Faster delivery – in-house slitting facility