Filter bags

Amrit Filtration Equipments offers the widest selection of Pulse Jet filter bags available in the market. Most of the bags filter available in the various sizes, shapes and micron rating that compatible with all types of bag filters housings. Bag Filters are the easiest, convenient and economical application choice to remove the dust from particulate. We manufacture and supply the filter bags for practically any application and for any OEM style bag house. Our close relationship with Filtration fabric producers means that we can even work with you to design a fabric specific to your demanding application.

To operate a bag house at increased air to cloth ratios, the best bag filter media is needed for optimal Filtration. From environments operating at ambient temperatures to high temperature with corrosive gases, we work with you to engineer a felted filter media best suited for your application. There are a number of options that you can select as part of your bag design. Our trained sales professionals understand that each bag house system is different and we will help you to select a fabric filter that is best suited for your application. Our model filtrations a technique provides the optimum performance which is best suited with high capacity filter bags.

Different type of Fabric available in the market that are as –

  1. Polyester
  2. Polypropylene
  3. Polyamide
  4. Acrylic (co-polymer)
  5. Acrylic (Homo Polymer)
  6. Wool
  7. meta-aramid (Aramid)
  8. Ryton (PPS)
  9. P-84
  10. Fiberglass & blends of these


Bag Filters Features, that helps you as –

  1. Triple stitched seam
  2. Inlet and outlet providing the simple the easy and simple drainage system.
  3. Wide range of fabric & finishing selection for any particular application
  4. Felts sourced from some of the worlds best felt manufacturers
  5. Sleeves made according to your requirements
  6. Felt collars in different dimensions available as per specifications
  7. Low Space requirement and less maintenance required from our side.

 Finishes Available:

  1. Singing
  2. Running the fabric over an open flame to remove high points and fiber fuzz.
  3. Calendaring / eggshell
  4. Like a singed treatment, but pressure is applied to produce a smoother, eggshell-like surface.
  5. Glazed
  6. Like a singed or eggshell treatment, but more pressure is applied to produce a high-sheen surface.
  7. Silicone
  8. Aids initial cake development and provides limited water repellence

 Benefits with Us:

  1. High air permeability
  2. High tensile strength
  3. Application flexibility
  4. Can be fit in any OEM’s dust collector
  5. Easy & precise mounting
  6. Reliable to use

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