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 Pharmaceutical Industry

The need for ground-breaking technologies, filtration products and claim for enhanced health care are motivating the pharmaceutical industry and driving ahead. Amrit Filtration Equipment’s is a  trustworthy Filtration product and separation product dealer. Pharmaceutical filtration products markets have got very serious buyers, giving a set of pressure on quality & standards.

The chemical industry gives a multiplicity of filtration challenges. From scheming product quality to gathering environmental standards, Amrit Filtrations providess solutions to meet up the accurate requirements of this multifaceted category. The pharmaceutical production demands meticulousness, accuracy and superiority. Amrit Filters meets that claim with bag in addition to cartridge filters for preliminary water filtration to specific grade filter papers for concluding production, and the whole lot in between.

Filtration and other separation processes in the pharmaceutical industry are significant, not only to make sure products are sufficiently purified and in shape for utilization, but as well to optimise development economics and put off loss of precious product. Amrit Filtration Group has over years understanding in providing pioneering solutions that get together the customer’s necessities as well as values set by the rigid authorities.

Manufacturing of the high performance expenditure effective products is underpinned by our superiority assurance practices as well as clean room environment to make certain products meet the rigorous requirements of the Pharmaceutical industry. Amrit has provided high-quality filters to the pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical filters do extremely well when processing together coarse and fine particle pharmaceuticals.

Amrit Filtration Equipment’s draws leading its wide diversity Filtration media to produce liquid service filters intended to manage serious Pharmaceutical contamination problems. Our Filtration potential vary from clearing up, cell moreover debris solids and bigger particle elimination, pre-filtration in addition to bio-burden control, gather the process and effectual requirements of a Pharmacy plant. The filter intermediate for liquid tune-up applications comprise Cellulosic filter sheets, cellulose, woven and non-woven, cartridges, grade density polypropylene, bags, Pre filters and a lot more.

Accessibility of these a variety of media in a wide-ranging of preservation, ratings and surface modifications make sure best possible know-how, capability and compatibility with your  specific Filtration processes.

Few of our  filtration products for the Pharmaceutical Industry are:

  1. Dust collector spares
  2. Fluid bed dryer (FBD) bags
  3. liquid / solid separation solutions
  4. Screening mesh
  5. Cartridge filters

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