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Support Cages

Amrit Filtration Equipments produce replacement support cages for almost each pulse type collector available in the market. We fabricate both carbon steel & galvanized cages, over and above epoxy coated in 8 to 24 vertical wire arrangements. The high speed welding line allows swift turn around on your order. We provide quality hardware’s to fit your top or bottom of removal collectors. We manufacture an inclusive range of standard and non-standard cage intend to suit the customer’s necessity and all types of bags. Cage configurations are available of circular, oval, diamond, flat and star shaped. These can be designed and worked in a variety of metal-grades of mild steel, stainless steel in addition to specialist alloys.
We manufacture our cages on CNC controlled welding machines to mechanize production process that ensures proficient & high quality products. The machine has manifold spot heads that boost our production rate and reduce our lead time. Utmost weld integrity is assured by projected top and bottom weld beads. Burr-free junctions are a consequence of AFE’s atmosphere controlled ring welds. Bag wear is also reduced by locating ring welds beneath vertical wires. Rigid NFM production standards provide rough, quality engineered non-cutting bag frames that make longer Filtration bag life. We have implemented rigorous QA procedure, which engage cage and component inspection throughout all cages of production to the completed products. Cages are jam-packed in steal/ wooden crates and in safety dispatched throughout the world.

Features of Support Cages produced by us:

  1. Avaliable in MS, GI, SS304, SS 316 
  2. Wire diameter from 3mm to 6 mm
  3. 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 vertical wires
  4. Ring distance 100 to 200 mm
  5. Top type , L shape flange, U shape flange, Welded venture
  6. Finishes – aluminium paint, epoxy paint, Zinc coating

Benefits with Amrit Filtration :

  1. Fits in All OEM & new dust collector
  2. Burr free finish
  3. Increases bag life
  4. Can be customised
  5. High production capacity ensures quick delivery time

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