Shaker type Filter bags

Shaker type Filter bags

Shaker type Filter bags are one of the most significant parts of a dust collector. We assemble filter bags like meta-aramid shaker type dust collector in a number of designs, Amrit Filtration Equipments give out of the ordinary consideration on fabric selection, fabrication practice and designs to give the unsurpassed performance out of your Mechanical Shaking Dust. We are one of top filter bag producer .

At the place of Amrit Filtration Equipments, you can get the top notch dust collectors that can be used for the commercial as well Industrial purposes. Mainly Shaker type Filter bags have a few applications that are Carbon Dust, Bench / Tool & cutter grinders, precast slab cutting, Dry Machining applications and Graphite machining.

Features of Shaker type Filter bags

  1. Wide range of fabrics to select from –
    • Polyester
    • Polypropylene
    • Cotton
    • Nylon
    • Woven in Spun, multifilament & Monofilament yarn.
  2. Wide range of Pore size
  3. High particle retention & Air permeability.
  4. Unique fabrication technique gives high surface area
  5. Types Of Filter Bags –
    • High Temperature Filters

Shaker type Filter bags are implemented for accumulation of dry free-flowing dust. Generally dust from the dust-laden air that gets into by suction or positive pressure into the hopper. When this flows across the filtering media, the dust is kept on the filter part and the clean air passes through. The bags are periodically cleaned by Reverse Pulse Jet type method after a certain time period. Bag filter are made according to various filtering purposes. These are manufactured of glass fiber or synthetic fiber. Shaker type filter bags have a snap band, raw edge, hem, or cord style type of bags available.


Filter bag is made to perform optimum filtration. Filter bags are produced of various Medias, which are needle felt, mono filament and   multi-filament. Filter bag is effective in removing solid particles from liquids. They offer a suitable solution to many filtration problems. Filtration takes place as the liquid flow the inside to the filter bag to the outside. Needle felt filter bag employs reliable mechanisms of depth filtration and have a high dirt grasping capacity. Mesh filter bag utilizes the well proven mechanism of surface filtration and are efficient in removing large solid elements from the flow of liquid. Now a day’s filter bag is available in rating of 1, 5, 10, 20,100 and 200 microns. As filtration media polypropylene, polyester, nylon, HDPE and meta-aramid / Ryton are applied. Now a day’s filter bags are available in different sizes, these are:

  • 04” by 10”
  • 04” by 17”
  • 07” by 17”
  • 07” by 32“

Benefits With Amrit Filtration 

  • Water repellent, Oil Repellent finish available on request.
  • Low Explosion risk with anti static fabrics.
  • Maximum surface area gives better Filtration & long bag life.
  • Can be customized for any OEM’s shaker type dust collector.
  • Preliminary treatment for multi-stage at the time of dust removing.

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