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One of the significant and most important parts of the dust collector are the filter bags.. we manufacture and assemble these specific meta-aramid shaker type filter bag in a number of variety designs . out of the box from ordinary consideration, Amrit filtration looks for the best in  fabric selection, practise of fabrication and different designs to enable surpassed performance of the mechanics in shaker dust. We are one of the best in filter bag producing business and earned a name that counts.

  • Clamps
  • An important role is played by clamps in the mechanical shaker dust collector . the clamos sre pre organised to hold and strengthen thre filter bag inside and alongside the air flow and mostly for the duration of shaking procedure. The clamps manufactured by us specifically support for the purpose of dust  collectors.

Proper De-dusting is very necessary in dust collectors. It ensures long life of filters and high production rate. We automise the De-dusting process with our sequential timers. The timer will turn ON & off the shaker motor, Blower motor, RAV motor as per the desired time durations.

The flexible and strong bellows are manufactured by us to trim and reduce the vibration in the ducting joints comes with the option of specified installation thus, enhancing the effect quotient.  The fan and an impellers dipping vibration becomes an imperative operational task while functioning with the huge motors. Ours has the necessary quality and capability to ensure a successful work.

The pulveriser mechanism need a kind of special filter sleeves and we manufacture it to your best use.  At times, it’s a usual task to collect the grinded and resized particles from the pulveriser but with the facility of Amrit filtration equipments and aids the whole operation can be more organised and with least loss of resources.

  • HVAC pre-filters / Paint booth filters

Our Amrit Filtration Equipments offers to customers  three unique products for HVAC pre-filters and Paint booth filters. These are:-

  1. Disposable Panel Filters
  2. Disposable Pleated Filters
  3. Pocket Filters


Let’s have their specifications-

  1. Comes with a better-quality grade fiber glass media
  2. choose from 2 styles- pinch frame or die cut box frame
  3. offered in 1″ and 2″ thickness
  4. MERV 7 (minimum 50% effective on 3-10 microns)
  5. Low Pressure Drop
  6. Very High Dust Holding ability
  7. make safe Installation with elimination of the metal backing
  • Support cage

Amrit Filtration Equipments manufacture replacement cages for approximately each one of the  pulse type collector accessible in the marketplace. Wour company fabricate both carbon steel and the galvanized cages, more than and above epoxy coated in 8 to 24 straight down wire arrangements. The high pace welding line allows rapid turn around on your desired command. The Amrit filtration provide superiority hardware’s to able-bodied your top or bottom of the removal collectors. We produce a comprehensive range of standard and non-standard cage be determined to suit the customer’s requirement and other all types of bags. The Cage configurations are presented of circular, oval, equilateral, flat and star shaped. These cages can be planned and worked in a range of metal-grades of mild steel, stainless steel in addition to expertise alloys.

  • The Amrit filtration manufacture cages on CNC controlled welding machines to automate production process that make certain expert & high quality products. The apparatus has manifold spot heads that make better our production rate and diminish our lead time. Paramount weld uprightness is assured by projected apex and bottom weld beads. The Burr-free junctions are an outcome of AFE’s atmosphere restricted ring welds. The Bag wear or any other harm is also reduced by locating ring welds underneath vertical wires. Inflexible and rigid NFM production standards make available rough, quality engineered non-cutting bag frames that make Filtration bag life longer. We have tried to implement rigorous QA modus operandi, which take on cage and component examination throughout covering all cages production to the completed finished products. These final Cages are jam-packed in steal/ wooden crates and further, safely dispatched throughout the outer world.

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