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Chemical Industry

In the Chemical Industry , there are different dusts which, owing to their high worth, are recycled addicted to the production procedure. On the process of recycling, it must be at the same time ensured that the products are without charge of unfamiliar substances and that the strict above-board requirements in terms of manufactured goods purity are maintained. All these demands filter media customized entirely to the individual necessities of the dust collector to get together the uppermost standards in filtration good organization and product cleanliness.

Chemical Industry filtration has even additional returns and benefits. Amrit filtration has produced a wide range of media each of which effects and reacts to a precise pollutant. After a requirements analysis, the specific custom media mixes can be formed to deal with a facility’s only one of its kind environment, and may be applied to control corrosion.  These filtration equipment’s can also be made to regulate to maximize good organization The Amrit filtration media is also well appropriate for waste water odor management and additional particular tasks.

The air cleaning systems, and our special industrial air filters can be bring into being in workplace buildings, power plants, foundries and many supplementary facilities in a extensive multiplicity of industries. The good organization and protection of the chemical filtration system applied by Amrit Filtration is perfect for tremendous circumstances and you will find Amrit products in clean-rooms, rest home, hospitals and even in museums.

The key to the success of Purafil has been their innovative air filtration media.Unlike other air filters which trap pollutants, the Purafil media actually converts the contaminants into a harmless compound. When combined with Purafil’s made to order air filtration equipment, the result is safe, efficient and economical air cleansing.

Chemical procedure such as chemical reactions is applied in chemical plants to shape new substances in different types of reaction vessels. In numerous cases the reactions are conducted in particular corrosion resistant tools at elevated temperatures and pressures with the make use of of catalysts. The products of these reactions are separated by means of a multiplicity of techniques including distillation especially fractional distillation, sublimation, adsorption, crystallization, precipitation, drying and filtration. The processes in addition to product are frequently tested during and after manufacture by keen instruments and on-site quality control laboratories to ensure safe and sound operation and to give surety that the product will meet required specifications.

We manufacture a broad range of products to supply this group of industry. Check our listed products which you must be with at your premises for your Filtration & separation needs.

Our Few products for the Chemical Industry are:

  1. Dust Collector spares
  2. Fluid bed dryer (FBD) bags
  3. Liquid / solid separation solutions
  4. Screening mesh
  5. Cartridge filters

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