Solenoid valves

Solenoid Valve

Compressed air is forced in the inner side of the filter bags to clean the outer surface of the bag; the flow of the compressed air is controlled through solenoid valve operated diaphragm. We sell valves for all kind of dust collectors.


  1. Pulsejet valve available in ¾, 1, 1½, 2 Inch.
  2. Available in 230 V AC, 110 V AC, 24 V DC
  3. Perpendicular Inlet & Outlet
  4. Life 10 million cycle. 
  5. Solenoid Valve can be mounted in any position .

Benefits with Amrit:

  1. Hytrel Diaphragm for longer life. 
  2. Exhaust Port protected by silencer. 
  3. Quick ON & OFF response time. 
  4. High flow factor for effective cleaning. 
  5. Lower Air consumption/operation. 
  6. Pressure Die caste epoxy coated Aluminium/stainless steel cast valve Body material. 
  7. Unique profile of Diaphragm eliminates spring. 
  8. Profiled seal to avoid dust/particle trapping while closing. 
  9. Stainless steel fasteners. 
  10. For Corrosion resistance Stainless steel cast Weather/Explosion Proof solenoid available. 
  11. Low decibel noise level.

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