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Non Woven Geotextile Fabric

The most widespread product in the family of Geosynthetics is non woven geotextile fabric. This merchandise is a random assembly of synthetic fibers, put collectively, which are mechanically & thermally bonded to make into a single layer, normally made of non woven polypropylene geotextiles and polyester types. Geotextile fabrics are man-made based on typical application. A Geotextile fabric is permeable in nature, it connects with the soil and having an ability to separate, drain, filter, and repair in trouble-free manner.

The weight variety of this product in civil engineering applications are characteristically ranging from 100gsm to 2000gsm. Its most important function are 1) Filtration 2) Separation 3) Reinforcement and 4) Drainage.


  1. Road construction, highways and highway embankments.
  2. Airport runways.
  3. Shore defense in reclamation works.
  4. Asphalt repaving of roads.
  5. Coastal and riverbank revetment systems.
  6. Filtration.
  7. Drainage.
  8. Composites.
  9. Protection for geomembrane in landfills.
  10. Geobags manufacturing.
  11. Soil erosion control.

As a Separator used between incongruous material and good bag filled material, this usage will trim down the excavation depth of incompatible sub-grade. It reduces the cumulative thickness to even out the sub-grade. These non-woven geotextile fabric upholds a consistent settlement of the sub-grade and therefore, advances the sub grade potency and prolongs the existence of the system.

As a Filtration polypropylene geotextile have diverse range of pore openings to trim down the prospective of blockage. The variety or limit of the pore openings shall be put in comparison to the grain size of the substance to be filtered to get hold of the optimum Filtration.

Amrit Filtration Equipment geotextiles not merely acts as a filter and a separator but also reduces the safeguarding of erosion control systems and expenses.

Besides providing high puncture resistance, it moreover provides lateral in-plane drainage for the system. It efficiently filters fine slit soils that are subjected to turbulent flow. Hence maintaining and enhancing the constancy of erosion guard structures.

Geotextile have need of the careful placing to shun the complete installation procedure that protects you to damage from any puncture, rupture or tearing issues.

As reinforcement non woven geotextile fabric purpose involves stabilization of a soil mass by proviso of tensile strength fabric system.

Drainage is related to the responsibility of Filtration and is a task of the permeability of a geotextile and its pore opening size or else photometry.The water is further conveyed all along the plane of the non-woven Geotextile fabric owing to its construction and then to an outlet. Water may be conveyed vertically or horizontally.

Benefits with Amrit

We offer an ample selection of extremely efficient Geotextile fabrics, which are manufactured from the finest quality raw materials. We are counted among the notable geotextile suppliers in India.

Our non woven geotextile fabric are available in a variety of dimensions and sizes and can be modified as per the insist of the consumer. The non woven geotextile fabric are exceedingly admired among the people due to their high dependability and bright performance.

They come with the wonderful blend of long lasting existence and nonpareil quality. We offer and make available our geotextile fabrics within the specific period of time and that too at very sensible prices.

With the aid of us, you can use the geotextile in reinforcing layers in the construction of embankments and compacted between two layers fills.


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