Filter Cloth India


Sparkler Filter Pads

The filter cartridge assembly inside the shell consists of numerous horizontally prearranged disc type filter plates with perforated sustaining screens, filter media & interlocking cups. The whole assembly complete with pump & piping connection is mounted on a suitable S.S. Trolley. The contaminated liquid to be filtered, is fed to the filter shell by pump. It arrives on top of each plate all the way through opening on the sides of plates. As liquid pressure increases, the filter media (Paper/fabric) holds backside the impurities & allows the crystal clear filtrate to go by through the central channel (formed by interlocking cups) which takes the filtrate to the exit of filter. Sparkler filter pads mainly frequently used to get hold of clear liquid. However, if mandatory, the cake formed between the plates can be obtained. Filtration is continuous until its rate becomes very deliberate due to augmented cake resistance.


  • Available in a wide variety
  1. Woven polyester
  2. Woven cotton
  3. Woven polypropylene
  4. Woven nylon
  5. Non woven polyester
  6. Non woven polypropylene
  7. Cellulose 
  8. Mineral blended cellulose
  9. Hi-flow blended cellulose
  • Down to sub micron Filtration range

 Benefits with Amrit 

Amrit Filtration Equipments manufactures filter pads for all sizes of sparkler filter presses to give you’re the best Filtration.

  1. excellent Filtration efficiency
  2. longer service life
  3. good particle retention
  4. wide range suiting to every application