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Filtration Equipments

Amrit Filtration Equipments products are renowned in the industry and we offer a large selection of the highest quality Solid Liquid Filtration¬†products available in the market. Our Product range includes filter cloth, filter bag, non woven fabric, filter fabric, dust collector filter bags etc. In addition, we offer custom designed products for applications where a standard product won’t work. When it comes to solve technical Filtration issues for our customers, we have technical assistance arrangements to serve your needs. Give a browse around the products categories to see our product offerings.

  • Dry Filtration

Amrit Filtration Equipments offers a wide product range for Dry Filtration Segment. Some of them are as follows:

  • Drying

Drying up formulations in Pharmaceutical companies is critical task. Filter media must be designed as to minimize the contamination level in powders. We design filter for these applications, which give a non sticky finish & low product loss.

  • Liquid/Solid Separation

Amrit Filtration Equipments offers following range of products for Liquid/ Solid separation:



  • Screening Mesh

Filter mesh for gas and liquid serves well in filtering and deleting the particle mixture in foam, liquid and air, by way of distillation, absorbing, evaporating and filtering process, in petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, machine, pharmaceuticals, automobile and environmental protection. We deal in all kind of screening & sieving mesh .

  • Printing Mesh

Polyester Printing Screen Mesh Fabric is one of the most advanced high-tech mesh fabric products in 1990s for screen printing.

With imported high quality material, Amrit Filtration equipments produces superior quality polyester and polyamide bolting cloth for screen printing.

  • Geotextiles

The most common product in the family of Geosynthetics is non woven geotextile fabrics. This product is a random assembly of synthetic fibers, put together, which are mechanically & thermally bonded to make into a single layer, commonly made of non woven polypropylene geotextiles and polyester types.

  • Waste Water Diffusers

Amrit Filtration Equipments offers following range of products for Waste Water Diffusers:

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