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Dust Collectors Spares (Pulsejet type)

  • Filter bags

Amrit Filtration Equipments offers the widest variety of Pulse Jet filter bags accessible. We manufacture and provide filter bags for mostly any application and for any other bag house. Our close up affiliation through Filtration fabric producers refers that we can at rest and with expertise work with you to devise a fabric detailed to your challenging desired application.

To function as a baghouse at enhanced air to cloth ratios, the ultimate filter media is looked-for for best prospective Filtration. From environments working at ambient temperatures tohigh temperature in the midst of corrosive gases, we make use of effort and labor with you to engineer a felted filter media superlative appropriate for your purpose. There are a numeral of alternatives that you can prefer as component of your bag design. Our accomplished sales professionals understand that every baghouse system is special and we will help you to go for a fabric filter that is best matched for your application

Pulsejet filter bag
Filter bags
  • Support cages

Amrit Filtration Equipments manufacture replacement cages for roughly each pulse type collector existing in the market. We manufacture both carbon steel & galvanized cages, which are over and above epoxy covered in 8 to 24 straight up wire arrangements. There are  high speed welding line which allows quick turn around on your sort. We make available quality hardware’s to set in shape your top or bottom of elimination collectors. Ours have a manufacture with an inclusive series of standard and non-standard cage proposed to suit the customer’s obligation and other all types of bags. The specific Cage configurations are on hand of circular, oval, rhombus, flat and star shaped. It can be designed and enhanced in a variety of metal-grades of mild or stainless steel,  in addition to alloys.

The reason of our success is that we manufacture our cages on CNC controlled welding machinery to automate production progression that ensures capable & high superiority products. These machine has multiple spot heads that improve our production tempo and ease our lead instant. Supreme  weld integrity and strength is assured by projected top along with bottom weld beads. There are Burr-free junctions, which are an end result of AFE’s ambiance controlled ring welds. Most important , the Bag wear is also abridged by locating ring welds underneath vertical wires. Strict NFM manufacture standards make available rough, value engineered non-cutting bag frames that formulate longer Filtration bag existence. We have implemented meticulous QA course of action, which take on cage and component inspection seriopusly all the way through all cages of production to the accomplished products. Finally, these Cages are jam-packed in steel or wooden crates and in protection dispatched throughout the globe.

Filter cages
Filter bag
  • Venturies

Provides an improved air flow & volume in to the filter sleeves at what time being cleaned Venturies are accessible in spun & cast construction.

  • Solenoid valves

Compressed air is enforced in the inner side of the filter bags to make dirt free the outer surface of the bag; the flow of the compressed air is controlled all the way through solenoid operated diaphragm valve. We sell valves for all variety of dust collectors.

  • Fexible bellows

When operational with gigantic motors, fans, impellers reducing vibration become an imperative task. We produce flexible fabric bellows which can be installed in the ducting joints to decrease vibration.

  • Rotary airlock valve

We put forward superior quality rotary air locks, which are consistent, efficient and have a long service existence. An essential key to rotary valve performance and stability is optimal selection of air lock, depending on your course of action requirements. Our long understanding in variety, designing and manufacturing of rotary valves enables us to present matchless custom designs in the industry. Whether your prerequisite is heavy duty, pneumatic, drop-through, metering or just emptying a dust collector, we can always offer you with a right valve for your purpose.

Rotary Airlock Valve
  • HVAC pre-filters / Paint booth filters

Our corportion of Filtration Equipments proposes three products for HVAC pre-filters and Paint booth filters which are:-

  1. Disposable Panel Filters
  2. Disposable Pleated Filters
  3. Pocket Filters


  • advanced grade fiber glass media
  • go for 2 styles- pinch frame or die cut box frame
  • offered in 1″ and 2″ thickness
  • MERV 7 (minimum 50% effective on 3-10 microns)
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • High Dust Holding Capacity

secure Installation with exclusion of metal backing

HVAC pre filters / Paint booth filters
HVAC pre filters / Paint booth filters
HVAC pre filters / Paint booth filters

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