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Waste Water Diffuser

  • Coarse Bubble Diffusers

Coarse bubble diffusers
Coarse bubble diffusers

Coarse bubble diffusers are commonly used for pollution control technology, they are used to separate or mix waste water product for sewage treatment plant. They produce 1/4 to 1/2 inch bubbles which rise rapidly from the floor of a waste-water treatment plant or sewage treatment plant tank. They are typically used in grit chambers, equalization basins, chlorine contact tanks, and aerobic digesters, and sometimes also in aeration tanks. Generally they are better at vertically “pumping” water than at mass transfer of oxygen.

Application: Areas where non-Newtonian/pseudo-plastic fluids are present, such as a digester with very high solids concentrations, it is recommended to use coarse bubble waste water diffuser over fine bubble waste water diffuser, due to the larger bubbles creation ability to shear through more viscous waste water product.
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  • Fine Bubble Diffusers

Fine Bubble Diffusers

Fine bubble diffusers are a key component to optimize the operational economics of a waste water treatment plant. Innovative advanced technology fine bubble waste water diffuser platforms offer maximum performance and application flexibility. The Fine Bubble Waste Water Diffuser produces plenty of small air bubbles which get rise from the base of the waste water treatment plant and provide significant and useful supply of oxygen to the water.
Fine bubble diffuser offers significant operating efficiency over coarse bubble diffusers, mechanical aerators, and older fine bubble diffuser products. It is often claimed that converting from coarse bubble to fine bubble system could yield a 50% energy cost savings.
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