Filter Cloth India

Dust Collectors Spares (Shaker type)

  • Shaker type Filter bags

One of the indespensable part of dust collectors are the filter bags that perform the main filtration task in these machinery. Our company Amrit filtration fabricate and assemble the filter bags specially for the type shaker dust collector in a variety of designs not just with the ordinary touch but with the special considerstion. The ares of special considerations are of fabric selection, the practise of fabrication and the specific designs to give the assurity in performance that is unmatched in the mechanics of shaking dust collector. We don’t need to claim in words that we are one of the best in this field that you can count on filter bag production.

  • Clamps

The mechanical shaker type of dust collector requires quite important application of clamps that holds and keep the structure in necessary shape. These clamps are planned very much efficienly to hold strongly the filter bag alongside  the flow of air and for the duration of the comple action of shaking procedure. Our manufactured clamps are characterised in planning specifically for the purpose of use in dust collectors.

  • Sequential timers

Appropriate procedure of De-dusting is the  very requisite in functioning of the dust collectors. It assures of the  far-reaching effects on life of filters and greater production tempo. We Amrit filtration mechanize the De-dusting course of action with the helpof our unique sequential timers. The working starts with the timer getting turn ON & off in the shaker motor, RAV motor, blower motor as per the chosen time durations.

  • Flexible bellows

Our board of hard-working professional makes put into effect of finest class raw substance and sophisticated know-how for the built-up of these bellows. The Flexible Bellows has very wide function area and we have preferred for dust collectors. Customers can get these products in miscellaneous sizes in settlement with their requirements at a rationally expected expenditure. Whilst functioning with extremely large motors, fans, as well as impellers declining vibration and its further control becomes an indispensable task. We pull together stretchy fabric bellows that can be placed in the ducting joints to lessen vibration.

  • Rotary airlock valve

We offer to our customers with enhanced quality rotary air locks, which are dependable, efficient and have a extensive service life. A very important key to rotary valve’s performance and permanence is the most advantageous preference of air lock, which is depending on your practice requirements. Our stretched know-how in choice, calculating and manufacturing of rotary valves enables Amrit filtration to present without comparison custom designs in this competing industry. Whether your precondition is heavy duty, pneumatic, even drop-through, metering or in addition minimally emptying a dust collector, we can at any time offer you with an accurate valve for you need.

To Keep a Record of Shaker Type Dust Collectors Spares, Please download the Information in PDF Format.