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Liquid/Solid Sepration FIlter Bags

Filter Bags

  • Anode filter bags

If your electro-plating solution requires anode bags, chances are we’ve already made your size and shape to fit a particular problem in waste management. That’s why we make quality bags of various fabrics to fit your anode bag requirements.

Only top quality Polypropylene cord is used. All our bags are double sewn top and bottom with 100% Polypropylene threads. Drawstrings and ties double sewn, so they won’t pull out.

We also double stitch the sides to prevent the bags from being torn by the rough action created by air agitation in the plating bath.

Our most recent innovation, rubber bottom bags were designed specifically to trap all sludge and fines as well as cut down on shelf toughness. These bags also eliminate the need for double bagging.

  • Centrifuge filter bags

THESE CONTINUOUS FILTERS use centrifugal force in a similar way as in a drum centrifuge, but in this case the wall of the centrifuge is the media which allows the filtrate to pass through while leaving the solids on the surface these solids can be washed and then removed continuously by a unloader knife and discharged out from the particular way. Amrit Filtration Equipments is able to supply centrifuge cloths to reto fit all standard designs of centrifuge filter bags. All fabrics are thermal cut from computerised patterns profiles to ensure precision cut & repeatability.


  • Sparkler filter pads

The filter cartridge assembly inside the shell consists of several horizontally arranged disc type filter plates with perforated supporting screens, filter media & interlocking cups. The entire assembly complete with pump & piping connection is mounted on a suitable S.S. Trolley. The impure liquid to be filtered is fed to the filter shell by pump. It arrives on top of each plate through opening on the sides of plates. As liquid pressure increases, the filter media (Paper/fabric) holds back the impurities & allows the crystal clear filtrate to pass through the central channel (formed by interlocking cups) which takes the filtrate to the outlet of filter. Sparkler filter pads most commonly used to obtain clear liquid. However, if required, the cake formed between the plates can be obtained. Filtration is continued until its rate becomes very slow due to increased cake resistance.

  • Filter press panels

Filter press panel were introduced at the turn of the century and have been around for many years. A filter press contains a series of plates with a filtering surface on both sides. The plates are covered with a Filter press cloth. Many of these plates are pushed together to form chambers with sufficient Filtration area for the application. A slurry is forced into the chamber. The press cloth allows the filtrate to pass through, de watering the filter cake which forms on the press cloth. The cake is discharged by pulling the plates apart. The cycle then repeats itself. Filter presses are among the most versatile of all liquid/solid separation unit operations. They adapt easily to variations in feed concentrations, particle size and other physical properties, delivering very dry cake and high solids capture with low chemical conditioning costs.

  • Nutsche filter bags

The agitated Nutsche Filter consists of a cylindrical shell with top dished and welded flat bottom. The base plate is stiffened by supports welded under the base plate. The base plate is having arrangement of bolting bar to hold the filter cloth. Suitable support mesh is provided under filter cloth to facilitate the flow of filtrate. We manufacture filter bags and sheets for all kind of nutche filters.