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Random Growth Media

The MBBR media- Moving Bed Bio Reactor comprise of a tank in some outline filled up by means of random bio pac media in addition to fab media elements. These of MBBR media elements are chiefly developed material of restricted density such with the intention of that they can be liquidized by means of an appropriate aeration piece of equipment. In this following procedure a bio pac media film gets created on the elements, that go all along with the waste matter present in the reactor. The movement contained by the reactor MBBR media is generated by providing aeration with the hold up of diffusers positioned at the underneath of the reactor. The slight bio pac media film there on the elements make possible that the bacteria to take steps upon the bio degradable material in the waste matter effluent and decreases the BOD/COD content in the active presence of oxygen from the air that is brought in use for the process of fluidization.

Amrit’s Biomedia specialises in the exploration and progress of Random Growth Media for aeration in addition to biological treatment plants

Bio Growth Media
Random Growth Media

We have mass stock up for our clientele of the Random Bio Pac Media, which has trapped the consideration of many customers. The moving Bio Reactor is packed with elements of the Random Bio Media, which is specifically developed and designed so that they can be easily fluidized with the aid of any aeration device. It is far and wide applied in the industries where waste water is produced and generated.

Let’s have a look on the ADVANTAGES OF Random Growth Media

  1. It operates with the Nonstop formation.
  2. Provided with the Standardized thickness and mixing required.
  3. Offers very high surface area per unit volume.
  4. These are Chemically very resistant to the water soluble materials.
  5. Uniform mixing is asured through this.
  6. Wide-ranging retention time and bare minimum blocking.
  7. Another important feature is that there is not any support system required for Media.
  8. The nature of design compatible with the Non-clogging design.
  9. Adding, suitabilty and flexibility by making the Aeration Tank of any shape, dimension or outline.
  10. Easy installation, maintenance and operation.

Amrit Filtration Equipments is the best in providing solution to filtration issues regarding the random bio media. Our’s have the special characterstics with options to moderate and adjust according without much of trouble and providing the high performance quality required by your rigourous industrial operation.

To keep the record of Random Growth Media, Download the PDF Random Growth Media