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Rotary Airlock Valve

We offer superior quality rotary airlocks valve, which are reliable, efficient and have a long service life. An important key to rotary valve performance and durability is optimal selection of air lock, depending on your process requirements. Our long experience in selection, designing and manufacturing of rotary valves enables us to offer unmatched custom designs in the industry. Whether your requirement is heavy duty, drop-through, pneumatic, metering or simply emptying a dust collector, we can always provide you with a right valve for that.

Features of rotary airlock valve

Multiple applications feeding device helps to lock/determine the quantum of system air loss because of its precision complete. The application varies from ordinary volumetric feeder to a precise air locking device whenever the differential pressure varies. Rotary air locks are available in the size range of 150mm to desired size. Different designs are available of rotary air locks for specific application of drop/blow through.
Benefits with Amrit

Our range of rotary air locks is a cost-effective solution for uses in applications such as under gravity, pressure and vacuum conditions. These air locks are perfect for metering a wide range of dry solids, granular, pelleted and powdered type materials. Available at economical prices, these are easy to operate and maintain and they offer consistent high performance and have a long service life.