PP Filter Cartridge Housing

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PP Filter Cartridge Housing

The PolyPropylene – PP filter cartridge Housing is made of ruffed reinforced polypropylene. They are suggested for low flow rates to higher flow rates in extensive range of applications including residential, business and industrial sectors. Available in 8″, 10″, 20″ Standard models and 10″, 20″ Jumbo models for higher flow rates.

Optional Pressure of PP Filter Cartridge Housing – relief/bleed button on inlet side of cap. Thick walls for increased strength.

Available with clear SAN – Styrene Acrylonitile / Polycarbonate – PC and opaque (Blue – Black) models All Housing have been tested and passed the hydrostatic leak and burst pressure to ensure consistence safe performance.


SAN Filter Housing

  1. Blue Body with Black Cap
  2. 1/4″, 1/2″, ¾” & 1″ in / out connection
  3. White Body with White Cap
  4. Maximum Flow rates 
  5. Clear Body (SAN/PC) with White Cap.
  6. 8 Ipm – 8″size, 10 Ipm – 10″ Size
  7. Available in 8″, 10″, 20 Sizes
  8. 40 Ipm – 20″ size
  9. Pressure relief/ bleed button on inlet Side & Cap
  10. Maximum temperature 70°C and
  11. Operating Pressure upto to 6 kg/cm2

BIG Jumbo Filter Housing 

  1. Large Capacity housing suitable for high flow applications
  2. Available in 10″ & 20″ size to meet your needs – 4.5 DOE Filter Cartridges
  3. 1 ½” in/ out connection
  4. Maximum Flow Rates 50 Ipm for 10″, 100 Ipm for 0″
  5. Pressure relief / bleed button on inlet / outlet side of cap.
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