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There are different filtration equipment’s as there are different filtration techniques. These processes of filtration requires different kind of filter mesh for various gas and liquid and serves adequate in filtering and excluding the particle mixture in forms of foam, air and liquid. They make use of principles of different processes of distillation, evaporation absorption and other different filtration techniques and have wide ranging applications in industrial fields of chemical, petroleum metallurgy, machine, pharmaceuticals automobile and also in ecological safety. The best part is that apart from the specialization we deal in all kind of meshes of the process of screening and sieving.  Thus, we are the wholesale or all in all in manufacturing and dealing out the mesh products which are best in their operation and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Let’s move to the special polyester woven screen mesh which has been ruling this market since 40 years and thus, earlier replaced the conventional silk in the place of selection of fabric in the screen printers not just in this part rather all over the world. This is claimed to the most remarkable material which is most appropriate for the process of screen printing owing to its special characteristics of tensile strength the elastic memory and foremost the resistance provided different chemical effects, abrasions, temperature, heat and moisture. The polyester type is of screen is a kind of synthetic fabric which is built and fabricated very similarly as like silk and promised a better consistency and performance level. Comparing, this type of product to the silk to the one we manufacture with polyester cloth also refers as the bolting cloth which offers extremely long durability in a more reasonable price giving complete satisfaction in less price with superior efficiency.

Features of the Screening Mesh

  1. Offered in different forms of polyester, nylon &also, in the HDPE.
  2. 20 to 500 mesh.
  3. Polyester screen cloth also referred as bolting cloth offers remarkable durability, yet has a minor price.

Benefits of Screening Mesh with Amrit Filtration

Amrit Filtration Equipments proposes and offers the mono filament polyester screen mesh (low-elongation) with a ample range of mesh counts furthermore worth mentioning advantages compared with the conventional polyester mesh. We need not to remind you that we provide not just products rather we try to earn a name and we just deal in best that you need.

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