Anode filter bags

Anode Filter Bags

If your electro-plating solution necessitates anode filter bags, chances are we’ve previously made your size and shape solution to fit a meticulous problem in waste management. That’s why we formulate quality bags of a mixture of fabrics to fit your anode filter bags requirements.
Only top class Polypropylene cord is used. All our bags are two times sewn from top to bottom with 100% Polypropylene threads. Drawstrings as well as ties double sewn, so they won’t pull out.
We as well double stitch the sides to put off the bags from being torn by the bumpy action created by air shakeup in the plating bath.
Our latest innovation, rubber bottom bags were premeditated specifically to entrap all sludge and fines as well as cut down on shelf robustness. These bags also do away with the need for double bagging.

Features of Anode Filter Bags

If you answer YES to one or more of the following questions, we can help:

  1. Do you think your anode bags are too expensive?
  2. Do your bags seem to clog too quickly?
  3. Do your bags ooze sludge when they are being drained?
  4. Do your bags shrink when they are wetted?
  5. Do you ever have to worry about deliveries arriving on time?
  6. Do your bags seem to last a long time despite heavy plating?
  7. Do you sometimes have roughness and blame it on your filter?
  8. Do you think you might be happier with another product?

Call us with your problem and we will gladly discuss a fabric or combination of fabrics to optimize your anode bag efficiency. Or send us a sample and we will return your bag and give you a free sample of our product for your evaluation.

Benefits with Amrit

  1. Made in virtually all sizes and materials.
  2. Eliminates the need for double bagging, and assures you of a cleaner bath with fewer rejects.
  3. This bag is highly recommended for brite nickel.
  4. Hold fines best.

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