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Multi Cyclone Dust Collector

We are supplying Multi Cyclone Dust Collector that contains a lot of small-diameter cyclones, running in analogue and having a typical gas inlet and electrical outlet. MDC operate the exact same concept as cyclones – developing a major descending vortex and a rising internal vortex. MDC are a lot more effective compared to solitary cyclones since they are much longer and smaller sized in dimension. The longer length gives longer home time while the smaller sized size develops better centrifugal pressure. These 2 aspects lead to much better splitting up of dust particulates.

The multi cyclone dust collector uses centrifugal action for the basic operations. The particles enters the cyclone with the help of tangent intake. The particles get projected against the cylinder wall by the help of  centrifugal action which causes a descending spin in the motion which makes the particles move out. The air is hence evacuated from the chimney by  the internal pressure of the cyclone. The multi cyclone is the combination of  several cyclones which is used for the treatment of high volume of air.


  1. High effectiveness.
  2. Durable.
  3. Easy accessibility.



  1.  Sugar market.
  2.  Paper market.
  3.  Processing sector.
  4.  Food sector.
  5. Workshops.
  6. Pharmaceutical sector.