Role of sequential timers in saving energy-consumption

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Role of sequential timers in saving energy-consumption

Usde ordinary income by as much as 12 percent goes toward paying off utility that declares expenditure. Products such as water heaters and lights using persistent strength are constantly in the process. Just when all through the house, you must set sequential timers allows to operate the equipment. The result of reducing the amount of money spent on energy expenditure reduces energy usage.

The cost of hot water

Use warm water to complete a washing cycle is common in many homes. Ninety percent of the power consumed by several washing machines goes towards heating water alone does not have that information. Many individuals also heating water to 14 % of residential energy use accounts for 25% of that information. “Standby heat loss “hot water is not in use, while getting used to the water heater is related to power. One of the occupants of the house have gone out from work or school , whereas , for example , connecting to the water heater standby heat flaws , perhaps in the process .

Sequential timer water heater water heater off automatically hour-long special of days to be ready. An old water heater INTERMATIC timer produced before 1998 is especially useful in homes with. 14kWh/month fitting around an old water heater timer will preserve a family of four.

Departing the lights on when nobody is home

If you went on vacation while you leave the lights on overnight or at home identity? For many people, this action gives way to home security. Finally, a thief empty one that is most likely to burglarize a home will are more likely. The amount of light energy for illumination INTERMATIC sequential timers house giving a sense of security while reducing consumption.


Place a lamp timer and is simple to operate. INTERMATIC timer perfect for lighting fixtures made ​​a 2 prong power plug into the wall socket. Sequential timers for each day up to 24 separate configurations were present on and off. Tripper pulled out lights come on, and the tripper is pushed in, the lights are off. In fact you are away from your home while keeping a sense of security to reduce the amount of energy consumed by lighting is just that simple.

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