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House Cleaning With Dust Collector

If you intend to clean a no-sweat activity, get one of those dust enthusiasts used in heavy duty industries and dirty workplaces such as in cement factories and other comparable jobs. They are not just appropriate for tidying up such dusty atmosphere; in fact, having them at home is required specifically if you reside in a dusty area. These gadgets usually have bags that need to be cleared on a regular basis for a much more efficient house cleaning.


A dust collector is composed basically of an electric motor and a bag. The electric motor gobbles the dust accumulated throughout the cleansing procedure and sends it to the collector bag. The dimension of the machine varies depending upon your cleaning requires.


The collector could be connected straight to the device or can be transferred from one electric motor to an additional. They can additionally be hidden in a cabinet while some dust enthusiasts sway easily with the machine.


The dust collector is an important facet of the equipment. It could have many or double pockets or a container vent. Pick a version that can be easily attached to the equipment with a firm gasket from a respectable manufacturer to ensure easy setup, replacement and a general problem-free cleaning.


There are different sorts of these gadgets in the market but for you to be able to establish the right machines for an effective house cleaning, look at the type of dust which could be located inside your residence and use it as a basis for acquiring a dust collector bag.



Portable Dust Collector

Portable Dust collector is a portable device, which is employed to collect or reduce pollutant substances from air in the workshop, plants and manufacturing units. Its size is small and easily transportable. Portable dust collector  has an air filtering system that integrated in the unit, adding both mobility  and maneuverability. Portable dust collector solves air pollution problem created by processing, production plants. These plants exhaust air-filled with dust and harmful crystals. Here the main function of Portable dust collectors are to gather big dust and other unsafe particles and release clean air.

Portable dust collector is  mainly beneficial in workplaces  where employees move from place to production house. typical functions of portable dust collectors include the cumulation of welding smoke,plastic dust, chemical substances, pharma dust, soldering fumes,grinding dust and other types of fine particles. Industries that use portable dust collectors are pharmaceutical,metallic, grinding,woodworking,composites,buffing,blasting,welding, chemical mixing and other food processing plants. Potable dust collector is a easy media , electrostatic or cartridge dust collecting device that can be moved around to various workstation for locally dust collection. Portable dust collector is manufactured mobile with a moving trolley connected to the bottom of the base or by handle or strap.
Portable Dust Collector consists of a single filtration system, which is capable to extract contaminated air particles and capture them.  The welded arm is usually externally supported by alterable support mechanisms and includes handles on the hood and the first tube so that the arm can be easily maneuvered. The hood is engineered for collecting the polluted air and direct it into the exhaust dust system by an air divert er that provides a higher face velocity and a more uniform air flow.
The portable dust collector system is executed with an power panel fastened on the top of the collection unit. This electric powered panel is composed of a filter gauge, on/off switch, toggle value and NPT connection.
The on/off switch activates the electrical motor, which is fastened inside of the collection unit.
The power is commonly equipped throughout a power wire, but smaller unit may work with batter.
Portable dust collector offers many advantages in addition to their standard dust collection capabilities. Firstly portable dust collectors are simple to move at any site, allowing added ease in the dust collection process. Furthermore ,they can effortlessly gather those particles which are cause of many illnesses. Portable dust collector also  prevent fires or particles explosions, and prevent damage  by accumulating inflammable and explosive elements . Portable dust collectors are also on the market in different range of sizes and added features, such as the addition of high-efficiency particle filters. Portable dust collector  can be implemented as multiple workplaces for individual processes. It is useful in tool rooms and woodworking shop for process such as welding and wood saw mill. Portable dust collector traps dust substances in the constant stream of air which is pulled down through suction hood and captured .  As the dust collecting industry boosts, smaller and more capable portable dust collecting equipments is being developed to meet industrial necessity and increasingly strict environmental regulations.
The firm is a trustworthy Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of the very best top quality Portable Dust Collector which aids in providing pliable options while cleansing the dirt or fumes, and so on. Our Portable Dust Collectors are tiny, mobile and are baghouse filters which function well with periodic usage in tiny areas such as timber stores or tight manufacturing centers. You could pick from a large range of Cartridge Media, HEPA, Washable Media or Electrostatic Filtration with blowers varying from 200 to 3000 cubic feet each min.


  1.  Ranging from 200 to 3000 cubic feet each min.
  2.  All portable systems make use of at the very least one source squeeze arm.
  3.  Many are modular with add-ons.

Dust deposit postures a distinct issue for numerous industries, possibly influencing the setting, power use, item high quality, and the life expectancy of industrial plant laborers. Distinct trademarked dust collecting equipment is now on the marketplace to attend to these worries.

Just what makes the brand-new dust collecting equipment distinct?

Just what makes the brand-new dust equipment one-of-a-kind is its “down circulation” innovation. With an inlet on the top component of the enthusiast, and a receptacle and electrical outlet on the reduced part, the down circulation device protects against dust and gas from re-scattering.

Horizontal setup of its filter stops dust from obstructing it, therefore making it possible for the filter to be utilized for an extensive time frame prior to should alter it. The easy-to-replace filter function is incredibly affordable.

With its space-saving style could be set up in one edge of the job location, conserving important plant real property.


Exactly what kinds of versions are available?

There are many various dust collecting equipment designs now on the marketplace.

  1.  A tool to large-scaled modular dust enthusiast – its sleek modular bag residence style decreases setup area and expense. It has a tiny dust collecting ability that could quickly be enhanced to a much bigger collection device.
  2.  A small-scaled modular dust enthusiast – the slide-typed dust box creates simple dust disposal procedure. Resting on wheels, this design could be relocated to any sort of required location quickly and effectively.
  3. A silo leading container vent dust enthusiast – positioned on the best of a silo, this version stops dust from spreading in to the outside setting throughout powder providing functions. It is simple to mount with a big dust collecting capability.
  4. Its simple checking attribute of dust buildup in the cartridge filter enables drivers to understand the substitute timing.

Just what are the applications for dust collecting equipment?

There are several applications for dust equipment. It could be utilized in woodcutting, combining, grinding, steel cutting, and silo bag discarding locations, in addition to at worktables, bag discarding terminals, and job booths.

Particular industries utilizing dust equipment feature chemical, concrete, meals, paper production, plastic, medication production, steel, non-ferrous steels, welding, fume, shot great time, electronic devices, semi-conductor, milling, ceramic, cosmetics, uranium, paint, cigarette powder, spreading, creating, feed plant, mineral, plasma, chemical research laboratory, and the powder market.

Portable Dust Collector

We are reckoned as a famous Portable Dust CollectorManufacturer and provider based in India. Our Portable Dust Collector is a twin procedure cleaner made use of for vacuum cleansing and also higher stress jet blower and quite appropriate for lots of industrial applications. Portable Dust Collector is substantially utilized to accumulate dust and tidy units and devices. Our Portable Dust Collector is useful and effective dust collector made use of for industrial cleansing. We supply Portable Dust Collector at sector leading prices.



  1. Sugar sector
  2. Paper sector
  3. Processing sector
  4. Food market
  5. Workshops.
  6. Pharmaceutical market.


  • Spark resistant, self-cleaning, cast aluminum, radial wheels are standard.
  • Totally Enclosed motors are standard.
  • Motors are continuous duty, full horsepower rated. NOT duty rated.
  • Heavy-duty 14 gauge steel blower housing is standard.
  • 1/3 – 3/4 horsepower models come with a 10 micron dust bag. 1 – 3 horsepower models come with a 5 micron dust bag. 1 micron dust bags are available on ¾ to 3 horsepower models.
  • All models available with 3 Phase, 230/460 Volt, 60 Cycle motors. 1/3 HP up to 2 HP models also available with 1 Phase, 115/230 Volt, 60 Cycle motors. 575 Volt and 50 Cycle motors also available on most models.
  • Single Phase, TEFC motors (up to 1 HP) come with an 8 foot cord, 3 prong grounded plug and a switch pre-wired for 115 Volt, 60 Cycle.
  • Drum lids on 1/3 to 3/4 HP models fit over standard 30 gallon steel garbage cans or 35 gallon steel or fire-resistant, fiber drums having a maximum diameter of 20-1/2”.
  • Drum lids on 1 to 3 HP models fit over standard 55 gallon steel drums or foil lined, fiber drums having a maximum diameter of 24”. Fiber drums must be able to support the unit weight.
  • Drums are not included and plastic drums should never be used for any models.
  • Safe, no exposed moving parts.