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Cyclone Dust Collectors

In the manufacturing globe, keeping a close eye on the degree of dust airborne is important. Guaranteeing that the employees are inhaling risk-free air is a vital element that the firm does have say of, and a very essential one to manage. Breathing in dust not just creates prospective wellness issues; it additionally brings about equipment breakdown and decreases the aesthetic of a manufacturing plant atmosphere.


Any person that has actually ever before functioned in a manufacturing plant understands the significance of keeping the air you take in tidy, and they are additionally accustomed to the dangerous effects if the air is not kept tidy. There are several various means to keep the air in a manufacturing plant tidy from hazardous toxins. Supplying appropriate air flow for manufacturing plant equipment, and marked smoking cigarettes locations outside for employees are numerous protection preventative measures that could keep a manufacturing plant tidy and convenient. Dealing with items that create dust needs effective air flow in your work area, also if the dust is unnoticeable and for that reason mistakenly regarded as non-threatening. Experts concur that any type of dust, also the tiniest bits, could jeopardize employees which are around it for prolonged time periods. Dust and various other great fragments could occupy the breathing device and various other components of the physical body, inducing a wide variety of wellness issues. Business acknowledge the value of keeping their workers, equipment and workplace risk-free and dust complimentary, and have actually carried out an assortment do various techniques in order to moderate this degree of dust.


One preferred unit that business utilize to decrease the length of dust airborne is a cyclone dust enthusiast. They successfully wash the air in workspace by catching and taking out the dust made in the setting. One obvious advantage of cyclone dust collectors is that, unlike conventional dust collectors which utilize costly filters, cyclone dust collectors make use of centrifugal pressure to take out fragments from the airstream. This gets rid of the have to change costly filters, which equates in to a substantial cash and labor conserving advantage. Because they are extremely efficient at eliminating air-borne dust from the setting, cyclone dust collectors are a preferred selection for lots of commercial suppliers that require an effective and reliable dust lowering procedure.

How to Control Air Pollution with Air Pollution Equipment?

Air pollution is the greatest concern of globe nations. World and automation have actually truly increased the air pollution at in fact higher degree and if such will most definitely not be guarded versus on or prior to time, it will most definitely make significant fatalities for human life. Today in addition we are really feeling the impacts made by codified air like worldwide warming up and all. The globally health condition is relatively significant to assume at every nation and area degree. Individuals are now accustomed to the situations to conserve the setup prior to it end up being considerably late. Federal federal government and neighborhood authorities have in reality moreover taken the could be discovered here to be adhered to by every industrial wall surface outlets and residence. New eco-friendly policies are set up for creating nations to stop extra air contamination’s. Air pollution equipments setups for sectors are the most trusted choice to keep the air tidy. Few of the demands as noted below to be adhered to by industrial gadgets to make life without codified air in the environment. guarantee-seal 1) There need to be sufficient range in between industrial and suburb. Regional authority must definitely mention industrial area and residence place to differentiate both the area for operating and living. 2) The industrial Chimney needs to be greater to tremble the generated gases to the leading air and offer the fresh air for listed below establishing. Numerous of the gases are instead light and on preparing could disappear on the outside place of the atmosphere to stay away from from contamination in the decreased configuration. 3) Filters and precipitators must be utilized to wash the gas prior to trembling right away in to the air. 4) Wet scrubber or grime fanatic must be used to get rid of dangerous gases. 5) The ash creating need to be managed with better temperature level level incinerators.   6) The sulphur needs to be removed from gases after burning and should capitalize on non combustive resource of power like atomic energy, solar power, wind electric power, geothermal power and so on 7) All Industries need to utilize air pollution control devices like gunk fanatic, Centrifugal followers and centrifugal blower, bag filter etc, for their products prior to launching made use of air and water in to the setting or on globe. request-quote-filter-bags

The Dust Collector Filter Bag

The dust collector filter bag is actually a vital part of the filtering device as well as some of their duties is actually air contamination management. Concrete dust is actually extremely unsafe, and also the enthusiast draws this incredibly great dirt through the air as well as holds all of them inside the dirt enthusiast. Created through polyester, polypropylene, glass thread and also acrylic and so on the filters are actually very carefully made as well as sized in order to make certain performance.

There are actually various washing devices in order to take out collected dirt birthday cake through the filter bags. These units feature reverse air, hand or even rhythm well-maintained. Without an useful maintenance unit there are going to be actually boosted tension decline and also lowered loudness of air flow air. Stress reduction is actually a really good clue of the shape of the filters.

Dust Collector Filter Bag is used to increase the quality of air which is released in the process of dust collection from industrial and commercial processes. these bags are designed particularly to handle heavy loads of dust. These dust collectors consist of cleaning system, dust filter, blower and dust removal system.

Dust Collector Filter Bags

Dust Collector Filter Bags are most important element of a filtration system. These are product of glass fiber, acrylic, polyester, polypropylene,etc. These pleated dust collection bags are perfect and produce long-lasting excellent overall performance. These pleated dust collection bags are extensively employed for contamination control. Dust collector filter bags are also used in metallurgy, fertilizers and chemical industries.

These are essentially needed where the dust is produced throughout processing materials. For instance flour mill, pharmaceutical factories food processing etc, where the dust and other unsafe components can not be permitted to exhaust in open environment. Plant of these categories use dust collector filter bags to collect dust and some other harmful things. There are a wide variety of manufacturing techniques to manufacture acceptable dust collector filter bags to fulfill all the prerequisites of a dust collector depending up on the system of cleaning such as pulse & reverse jet and auto mechanism cleaning.

Advantages of Dust Collector Filter Bags

1- Its servicing cost is low.

2-Practical efficiency of Dust Collector Filter Bags is incredibly high.

3-It recovers heat very proficiently.

4-It is effective and not affected by Gas-dust composition

Dust collector filter bags perform a vital role in these kinds of manufacturing plants who also generate dust and other hazardous chemical elements with their consumer items. These production plants are like cement, thermal power station, fertilizers, steel pants, aluminum, zinc, lead, asbestos and chemical plants etc. Dust collector filter bags are applied here to collect hazardous and dust crystals.

The Secondary objective of the dust collector bags is to check pollution for example air pollution and water pollution. In the cement industry the medium particle size of the cement dust ranges from 8 to 12 microns. When the dust collector sucks the air, air carries these crystals inside the dust collector. Dust collector transmits the air into the dust collector filter bags. Here dust collector filter bags are responsible to maintain sucked particles and permit the air to pass. In all the stages of cement production, dust collector filter bags are proven to be the best because of its high-efficiency and flow rate etc. Dust collector filter bags may perform proficiently during working in different temperatures, which may vary in accordance to the process of production dry or wet in production plants in the range of 150 degree Fahrenheit to 250 degree Fahrenheit.

Forms of Dust collector filter bags-


A- Acrylic homopolymer needle punched filter felt-

MS Acrylic homopolymer needle punched filter felt are offered in woven or felt form. This product offers chemical resistance similar to poly propylene while allowing operation up to 250 degree Fahrenheit (equivalent to 121 c).

Its function is an excellent combination of filtration efficiency and dust layer release.

It provides good chemical resistance to acid and alkalis.

It is applied in chemical processing.

It is applied in mineral processing.

It is applied in metal processing.

B-Antistatic Needle- Punched Filter Cloth-

MS Anti static needle punched filter cloth simply results in the explosion and conflagration after the consistency of common professional power and dust reaches certain degree. It is touching the static electricity light and sparks outside such as flour powder, coal powder and chemical elements. To hold fine particles of dust the filter medium of bag must be anti static.

Its some other characteristics are anti abrasion, mostly applied  in pitch mix gas, blast furnace gas of steel                 factory , tail gas of while char ,kiln application and electrical cooker high temperature gas.

D- P84 Needle Punched Filer Felt-

MS p84 needle punched felt is a high heat resistant filter material good chemical repellent, good air permeability and  high filtration efficiency. It is mostly used in coal boilers of thermal power stations.

E- Polyester (PET) Needle Punched Filter Felt-

MS Polyester needle punched filter felt deliver a cost-effective option for numerous industrial operations. They are highly useful and efficient in dust collection.

F- Water and Oil Resistant Filter Cloth-

After oil and water treatment numerous filter fabrics can form a layer of substances blockage around the fiber surface. This style of dust collector filter bags filters various contaminants from the water and oil.

G- Filter Bags with PTFE Membrane Laminating-

These dust collector filer bags are used in all the dust collector applications. The expanded PTFE Membrane permits more air to pass through the filter media while trapping particles on the surface. Using this type of dust collector filter bags engineers can reduce capital and  operational costs. Use of this style of dust collector filer bags also offer a degree of protection from the unknown and indirect-able  changes that sometimes occur during bag house operations.

Other types dust collector filter bags are —

1- Glass fiber Needle Punched Filter Felt

2 -Poly-P-Phenylene Sulfide (PPS) Needle- Punched Filter Felt

3-PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) Needle Punched Filter Felt


Dust Collector Filter Bags is a qualitys product of Amrit Filtration Equipmnets, which is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of Dust Collector Filter Bags. The writer is presently working on the designation of specialist of Dust Collector Filter Bags.

Filter Bag

Filter bag are engineered to perform maximum filtration. Now a day’s air pollution is a serious issue in metro and other industrial cities. Where industrial units are busy in manufacturing of consumer goods. They also manufacture pollutant in a huge quantity which is unsafe for environment and health. Government has taken strict action to diminish pollution. It has prepared a master plan to fight with this problem and advised Filter Bag for industry.  Filter bags are made out of various Medias, which are needle felt, mono filament and   mulch-filament. They are powerful in eliminating solid elements from liquids where large and solid particles from liquids, where large quantity of contamination are present. They present an effective solution to a number of filtration problems. Filtration takes place as the liquid flows the inside to the filter bag to the outside. Needle felt filter bag utilizes reliable mechanisms of depth filtration and have a high dirt touching capacity. Mesh filter bag makes use of the well proven mechanism of surface filtration and are helpful in removing big solid elements from the flow of liquid. Now days

Filter bag are offered in rating of 1, 5, 10, 20,100 and 200 microns. As filter media polypropylene, polyester, nylon, HDPE and meta-aramid / Ry-ton are implemented. Now days it is presented in different sizes, these are:

04” by 10”

04” by 17”

07” by 17”

07” by 32 “.

Types of filter bag:-

A- Mono filament Filter bag:-

These bags are used for surface filtration. These bag are manufactured with a mesh structure, available in several materials. These filter bag can be considered to be reusable filter media. There is no risk of fiber or particle migration with this variety of bag.

B-Needle felt Filter bag:-

Filter bag of these variations are product of an economical, disposable filter material. These are great for batch filtration.  The lack of any rigid structure makes them very simple to use, easy to compact and   reduces the cost of waste. Filter bag of these class offer efficient protection upstream of more sophisticated filter units.

C-High Performance Filter bag :-

Filter bag of this categories are designed for the filtration of liquid material. These Filter bag can be employed in mostly all the sectors of the industry, for any application where performance and efficiency is required.

Usage of Filter bag:-

A- Automotive Systems

1. It is utilized in Phosphate filtration

2. It is used in E-coat paint filtration

3. It is utilized in Spray water and additive filtration

4. It employed in paint filtration

B-Water Treatment/Processing

1. It is used in bottled water filtration systems

2. It is implemented in process and cooling water filtration

3. It is utilised in raw water processing

C- Medicine Industry

1. It is employed in activated carbon, hormone, gelatin, plasma protein filtration

2. It utilized in catalytic agent, activated material recycling

3. It is employed in liquid medicine filtration

4. It is implemented in waste water filtration

D- Petro Chemical-

1. It is employed in process and cooling water filtration

2. It is utilized in Oil and fuel filtration

3. It is utilized in Solvent contamination filtration

E- Food and Beverage:-

1. It employed in Edible oil,syrup filtration

2. It used in wine and Liquor filtration

3. It is employed in soft drink filtration

4. It is employed in fruit juice filtration

F-Chemical Industry-

1. It is applied in adhesive filtration

2. It is used in ink filtration

3. It is used in Bulk Chemical filtration

4. It is utilised in Resin filtration

5. It is also applied in fine chemical filtration

Portable Dust Collector: Benefits of Portable Dust Collector

Portable Dust collector is a small device, which is employed to collect or decrease pollutant particles from air in the workshop, plants and processing units. Its size is small sized and easily transportable. Portable dust collector has an air clarification system that integrated in the unit, adding both mobility and maneuverability. Portable dust collector solves air pollution problem made by processing, manufacturing plants. These plants exhaust air-filled with dust and undesirable elements. Here the main work of Portable dust collectors is to collect big dust and other unsafe crystals and release clean air.

Portable dust collector is mainly valuable in workplaces where employees move from place to place. Frequent purposes of portable dust collectors include the accumulation of welding smoke, plastic dust, chemical substances, pharmacy dust, soldering fumes, grinding dust and other types of fine elements. Industries that apply portable dust collectors are medicine, metallic, grinding, carpentry, composites, buffing, blasting, welding, chemical mixing and other food processing plants. Potable dust collector is a very simple media, electrostatic or cartridge dust collecting device that can be moved around to various workstation for locally dust collection. Portable dust collector is produced mobile by a moving trolley attached to the bottom of the base or by handle or strap.

Portable Dust Collector is made up of a single filtration system, which is capable to remove contaminated air particles and catch them.  The welded arm is usually externally assisted by movable support mechanisms and includes handles on the hood and the first tube so that the arm can be easily maneuvered. The hood is designed for collecting the polluted air and direct it into the exhaust dust system through an air divert er that provides a higher face velocity and a more uniform air flow.

The portable dust collector system is executed by means of an electric panel fastened on the top of the collection unit. This electrical panel is made of a filter gauge, on/off switch, toggle value and NPT connection.

The on/off switch triggers the electric motor, which is fastened inside of the collection unit.

The power is generally supplied throughout a power cord, but smaller unit may perform with batter.

Portable dust collector gives many benefits in addition to their standard dust collection capabilities. Firstly portable dust collectors are quick to move at any site, allowing added convenience in the dust collection process. Furthermore, they can easily gather those particles which are reason of various illnesses. Portable dust collector also avoids fires or dirt explosions, and prevents damage by gathering inflammable and explosive elements. Portable dust collectors are also presented in several range of sizes and added features, such as the addition of high-efficiency particle filters. Portable dust collector can be applied as multiple workplaces for individual processes. It is useful in tool rooms and woodworking shop for process such as welding and wood saw mill. Portable dust collector traps dust pieces in the constant stream of air which is pulled down through suction hood and captured.  As the dust collecting industry advances, smaller and more efficient portable dust collecting equipments is being developed to meet industrial requirement and increasingly strict environmental rules.