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Woven Mesh Fabric

Woven Mesh Fabric

Amrit Filtration has a wide range of precision woven open mesh fabrics. High standing with the world leading equipment and machine manufacturers (OEM) is the product of long-term participation, wide experience, and an excellent delivery service. The Construction of Woven mesh fabrics is determined by different types and size like yarn type and yarn size. Different types of Yarns are use in these industrial equipment specially Monofilament Yarns. These filament are continuous and produce smooth surface . It is a highly specialized mono-filament fabric, characterized by precisely defined and controlled, consistent and repeatable material properties such as pore size, thickness, tensile strength, dimensional stability, cleanliness etc.

  • Mono-filament Woven Mesh Fabrics

  • Double filament Woven Screen Mesh

  • Printing Screen Mesh Fabrics

  • Milling Flour Bolting Cloth

  • Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

  • Technical Definition of Mesh Fabrics

The thread count of a Woven Mesh Fabric is referred to the number of threads per inch. Different threads have different functions. Warp thread runs lengthwise in fabric while weft or filling thread runs widthwise of a fabric. The mesh opening is square due to mono-filament are produced with equal yarn diameters.

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